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Not A Cranbrook Lowlife //003

Dani Williams

We at know that this community is only as great as the people that live here. 

We feel it is important to recognize those that are doing their part to make Cranbrook what it is. Today we recognize Dani Williams. 6 years ago Dani Williams opened Dewey’s Pub and Grill, conveniently located right across the street from 1710 WorkSpace, and has been making Dewey’s THE place in Cranbrook for charity events. It started a year ago with Cranbrook Pride; now almost every Friday night you can find a non-profit organization at Dewey’s for Celebrity Host/Bartender Night. 

All tips and a portion of sales from Jell-O shots are donated to organizations such as KidSport, the SPCA, Ginger’s Legacy, ALS and local schools. Some of these non-profit organizations also hold silent auctions to help raise even MORE funds. Locals are Dani’s favourite people. “Without them we are nothing,” she says. She is very thankful to the community of Cranbrook for all their support from her regulars, who have their own special name plates at the bar, to those who come for the live music. “I guess we are bit like ‘Cheers’,” she laughed. If you are looking for something to do in Cranbrook, Dewey’s Pub and Grill Lip Synch battles come to a close April 15th with someone winning $1000. Know someone who deserves recognition? Let us know!

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