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Not A Cranbrook Lowlife //004

Pam Berry

We at know that this community is only as great as the people that live here. 

We feel it is important to recognize those that are doing their part to make Cranbrook what it is. Today, we recognize Pam Berry. Imagine organizing over 520 kids and 120 volunteers each and every spring. That is what Cranbrook’s own Pam Berry pulls off every single year as the chair of the KEYSA (Kootenay East Youth Soccer Association) board. Pam and her husband, Geoff (Geoff’s Contracting) moved to Cranbrook 8 years ago from Chilliwack. 

They were looking for a change in the quality of life for themselves and 5 children. Yes, we said five! Those five kids are the main reason that Pam attended a KEYSA meeting five years ago. When she went to her first meeting, the current board announced that if someone didn’t step forward that the soccer organization would fold in Cranbrook. And step forward she did. KEYSA has tripled in size since she became involved. 

It is nothing for Pam to spend 30 volunteer hours a week doing field prep, returning emails and attending board meetings, while running programming for the soccer house program and rep development. The rewarding part for Pam is seeing the kids on the fields. “When you stand back and see all those people, you just think, wow, that is amazing!” Pam is truly honoured to be named “Not a Cranbrook Low Life” but really wants others to know that without the volunteers, KEYSA wouldn’t be able to function. “Without them,” she says, “we would never have been able to bloom into what it is today.” 

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