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One good turn deserves another

The clock tower as you've likely never seen it before

Each week since 1986 Gord Delamont has been climbing the clock tower, all 45 steps, to wind the mechanism by hand.

In the early 1980s, Gord and his Father re-installed the mechanism, which had been in storage at Ft Steele since the old Post office was torn down, and they've been it's keeper since.

Turn after turn, Gord would crank the lever each Saturday to raise the counter weights up the three stories to their starting position, all 320lbs of them.

After all its been gravity that has powered this clock... Like all good things though, change must come, Gord will no longer need to climb these stairs each week as the mechanism that drives it, though just the gravity portion, is being replaced.

Gord's Saturdays are now free.

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