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Smash Mouth Survival Kit

Everything you need to know about Smash Mouth’s Ultimate Beach Party. Sam Steele is gonna be an Allstar weekend. From the ‘what to wears’ to the inside scoop on the band’s big surprise.

With the recent announcement of their Ultimate Beach Party here in our fine town, Smash Mouth has excitedly announced that they will attempt to break their own previous record of longest continuous version of their smash hit Allstar. The record currently sits at 13 hours, 16 minutes and was set in 2006 in Moscow Idaho. When questioned on how they will go about this phenomenal attempt, lead singer Steve Harwell responded:

"We will warm up the crowd with 4 or 5 versions of Walking On The Sun, before getting into the gem that all the fans really want to hear. After playing the same set for a few years, we started to realize that people really want what they want, and that is Allstar."

Opening artist Sugar Ray feels a little let down with the announcement. 

"I feel that Steve is just trying to cast shade on my performance everyone knows that Fly can't hold a candle to Allstar."   

The Sam Steele Smashmouth Survival kit
If you’re planning on hittin the poolside like an allstar, these are the things you’ll need to survive! 

1. Frosted tips It's a cool place and they say it gets colder, which it will it will be when you strut in with the best frosted tips this side of Frozen.

2. Man thongs and white socks. Why wait till you get older, this venue is the perfect time to channel your inner senior and rock some bright white socks (pulled up mid calf of course) with your leather thongs (Sandles/Flipflops… don’t get that confused!).

3. Red Rain Energy Drinks Red bull gives you wings, but Red Rain will have you walking on the sun in  no time, and it’s cheaper, which given the fact you’re attending this concert means price is the most important part to your decision making.

4. Mike’s hard lemonade or Budlight lime If your world’s on fire better ice it with some cool refreshing beverages, to really be authentic, get your mom’s boyfriend to buy it for you. Don’t worry, she probably still has one.

5. Tank top Ask your mom’s boyfriend for one of these too, after all, he always said he’d give you the shirt off his back.

6. White (j)Oakley Gascan Sunglasses If the Husky by the mall is sold out you might be SOL. The third pair of your white Spy glasses you keep in your sick lifted 1500 will do in a pinch.

7. Puka shell neckless “Bro, you look mad tropical yo!” is what you’ll hear all night long. Well, that and Allstar.

8. Floral Board shorts Orange and blue, white string, down past your knees, sick through and through. We know you still have these, we saw you last year at Koocanusa... everyone did.

9. Ride from your Mom Cause you know she’s already going. You’ve seen the poster of Steve she keeps in the laundry room.     We at CranbrookCity.com are super stoked to see you all out at this monumental attempt. But don't come unprepared.

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